Netflix Error Code U7361: What It Is And How To Fix It?

Netflix is the go-to app for all when it comes to watching movies and TV shows as it caters to every age group. Netflix users streaming on Windows 10 are experiencing an error known as Netflix error code U7361.

How to Fix Netflix Error Code U7361

There can be multiple causes for the occurrence of this error. Most commonly it is reported by people using Netflix’s Universal Windows Platform or UWP app.

Follow the steps below to get rid of the Netflix Error U7361.

solution 1 to fix netflix error code u7361

Update Windows 10

Microsoft releases Windows updates pretty often. These updates include new features, and also fix bugs, and provide improvements to the existing platform; therefore, it is always a great idea to update your operating system.

After updating Windows, restart your PC and try streaming Netflix. In case the error persists move on to the next step mentioned below.

After updating, try seeing if Netflix is working fine.

solution 2 to fix netflix error code u7361

Update Netflix App on your PC

Updating the Netflix app on your PC can be a solution for this error as well. Follow these steps in order to properly update Netflix:

  • Press the ‘Windows+R’ keys together to access the ‘Run dialog box
  • Type ‘ms-windows-store://home’
  • This will take you to the Microsoft Store
  • At the top right of the page, you will a menu with 3 dots
  • Click on these dots and then choose ‘Downloads and Updates’
  • Choose the ‘Get Updates’ option
  • Restart your PC once the update is complete and check if the error is fixed

solution 3 to fix netflix error code u7361

Use the Windows Troubleshooter

Windows Troubleshooter provides an efficient way to diagnose the issue. Apart from finding the cause of the issue it also usually finds a solution for the problem. Here’s how to troubleshoot on your computer:

  • Press the ‘Windows+R’ keys to open a dialog box
  • Type ‘ms-settings: troubleshoot,’ in the dialog box and press ‘Enter’
  • This will open a Troubleshooting menu;
  • Go to ‘Find and fix other problems and choose ‘Windows Store Apps’
  • Choose ‘Troubleshooter’ that will find the issues in your system
  • Click ‘Apply this fix’ after the issues are found

solution 4 to fix netflix error code u7361

Complete Any Remaining Downloads

If a download is taking place at the same time as you’re streaming on Netflix it can be the cause of the error and Netflix not working, therefore make sure to complete your downloads first; here’s how:

  • Start the Netflix application; click the action button in the upper left corner and choose “My Downloads.”
  • Click “Manage” in the upper right corner and complete all the downloads
  • Restart the Netflix app to check if the error U7361 still persists

solution 5 to fix netflix error code u7361
Reset the Netflix App

Here’s how to reset the Netflix app as a means to eradicate the error:

  • Type the ‘Windows+R” keys to open the ‘Run’ dialog box,
  • Type ‘ms-settings: apps features in the Run dialog box and press ‘Enter’
  • This will open the ‘Apps and Features’ menu
  • Find Netflix and go to the ‘Advanced Options’ menu
  • In the dialog box that appears, click the ‘Rest’ button and then the ‘Reset’ button again.
  • When the process is complete, check if Netflix is working fine

solution 6 to fix netflix error code u7361
Install the Netflix App Again

If resetting the app does not work, reinstalling the app would probably get rid of the error U7361

  • Type the command ‘ms-settings: apps features in the ‘Run dialog box
  • This will take you to the ‘Program and Features’ menu
  • Find Netflix app; click on ‘Advanced’ and ‘Uninstall’ it
  • Now open the ‘Run dialog box again and type ‘ms-windows-store://home’
  • This will open Windows App Store
  • Search for Netflix and click ‘Get’ to download Netflix
  • Open the app to check if the error still persists


Following all of the above-mentioned methods will surely help in fixing this error and help in achieving a problem-free streaming time.