5 Best Free VPNs for Netflix [2022 Guide]

With the count of VPNs, available in the market, ranging in hundreds, it can be a tedious task to find one that works well. Especially with Netflix. It’s extremely hard to find a VPN that will allow you to stream the internet safely, let alone stream Netflix. This is because Netflix is out to block VPN usage on its platform. If you use a VPN that’s not good enough, you will get the Netflix proxy error. (Here’s how to fix the Netflix proxy error.)

And even if we find a free VPN for Netflix, that actually does unblock Netflix content libraries, there are other problems that can arise. You’ll have limited data for streaming, a bandwidth cap and fluctuating connection speeds. Not to mention, the security protocols are sometimes compromised in a free VPN provider.

After testing almost 50 VPN providers out there, we’re come up with this list of free VPNs that actually do what they’re supposed to – unlock Netflix content from regions different than our own!

Read on to find out which free VPNs can actually work with Netflix.

The Best Free VPN for Netflix

If you’re here to just get a free VPN for Netflix, follow the steps below and you’ll be back to streaming new content in 5 minutes!

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN (30-days of free premium VPN)
  2. Download the ExpressVPN app on your device
  3. Connect to a server located in the region you want to unlock
  4. Sign-in to Netflix
  5. Enjoy Streaming!

Top 5 Free VPNs for Unblocking Netflix

During the hours we spent testing VPN providers, we found very few services that actually did what they’re supposed to i.e., unblock Netflix. However, all is not lost and we actually did stumble upon a few precious stones amongst the dirt.

Read below to find out what our editors approved as the best free VPNs for streaming Netflix.

  1. ExpressVPN – One-month free subscription
  2. Windscribe – High speed – 10 GB data free
  3. OperaVPN – Free VPN that unblocks US and UK regions
  4. ProtonVPN – No fluctuations in connection
  5. Zenmate – Unlimited data, FREE

1. ExpressVPN – One-Month Free Subscriptionexpressvpn_logo

Definitely amongst the best VPNs, specifically for unblocking Netflix geo-restrictions, ExpressVPN has almost 3000 servers available. This means you’ll be able to unlock Netflix content libraries from almost all over the world including US, Canada, Europe, Japan. Not just Netflix, but ExpressVPN is also adept at unlocking regions in other streaming platforms such as Hulu and Disney Plus.

Along with unlocking these content libraries and changing the region, ExpressVPN also provides fast speeds for streaming. It is a common fact that using a VPN slightly affects the bandwidth and hence streaming speeds. But all the servers at ExpressVPN are optimized for higher bandwidth and streaming speeds. You’re not gonna experience lag or buffering. Period.

On the security front, ExpressVPN topped all tests as well. Boasting the 256-AES encryption protocol for privacy and security, you’ll have military-grade security with ExpressVPN! A good encryption helps save you from identity theft and malware attacks. Along with this ExpressVPN features an automatic internet kill-switch that stops your connection in the event of any identity theft of malware attack. There are no IP or activity logs maintained by ExpressVPN either, so you’re safe in every which way possible.

The apps for ExpressVPN are available for all devices, so you’re free to use it with any of your devices available. And their 24/7 live chat support also makes it a very easy to use service.



Allows access to ALL of Netflix libraries

High streaming and downloading speeds

Military-grade encryption

3000+ servers in 94 countries

24/7 live chat support



A bit more expensive than other providers

Only 5 devices can be connected simultaneously

2. Windscribe – 10 GB Data Free

Amongst the free VPN providers in the market, Windscribe is definitely in the top 5. With 10 server locations and successfully unblocked Netflix versions of US, UK, Canada, and some parts of Europe (but at slightly lower speeds). You can unlock the Netflix Australia and Japan library using the premium package. In the paid plan, you also get their ‘Windflix’ servers – these are dedicated servers reserved for Netflix.

You get 10 GB of streaming data free every month. This means you’ll have to slightly cut down on the streaming quality while watching Netflix. You won’t be able to stream in Ultra HD video quality and will have to limit picture quality it to 720p at max.



Ad blockers (premium)

Windflix servers for streaming

Multiple device connections



10GB data free every month

3. ProtonVPN

Proton VPN provides unlimited data for free users. It’s great. But majorly for surfing only. For streaming, there were no particular considerations. They have only 3 server locations available, the US, Canada and Japan.

However, with those 3 locations, it performed best in the US region. The connections were faster and fluctuated comparatively less. So that means you’ll have some success in streaming Netflix US version. But still, no guarantees.



Unlimited free data

Unblocks Netflix US



Fluctuating speeds

4. OperaVPN

OperaVPN was quite successful in unblocking major Netflix regions during our tests. And with consistent speeds. The server connections however weren’t smooth, with a lot more disconnects as compared to other providers.

With their built-in browser, OperaVPN is pretty easy to use. It’s compatible with almost all your devices, and that makes it better than most free VPNs out there.

The best bit about OperaVPN is that there are no bandwidth limitations or IP leaks.



Pretty easy to use

Unlimited bandwidth

Speed better than most

Ad blockers



No app available

Frequent disconnects

5. Zenmate – Free, Unlimited Data

During our tests, Zenmate turned out to be a great option for streaming and unblocking Netflix. You can access the free version from your internet browser. It unlocked the US Netflix content library every time of trying. However, other Netflix libraries returned an error.

The connection speeds were pretty fast and had minimal fluctuations in connections. They have servers in more than 30 countries. They also provide specific servers for downloading and surfing.



Unlimited bandwidth for streaming Netflix

No speed restrictions

In-built Ad blocker

Compatible with all devices



Upper cap on maximum speed

How to Choose the Best Free VPN for Netflix?

Whenever you’re looking at a VPN, there are three main things to consider. The speed, security and number of servers.


Number of Servers

More servers indicate that more people are actually using the service provider. Other than it’s technical aspects, it’s social proof for the service.

A large number of servers also ensure that you won’t disconnect during your sessions because of overcrowding of a single server. This will also mean more bandwidth to be shared amongst the users and hence much more stable connection speeds.

More servers also help us unlock more regions and hence more Netflix content. If the VPN provider doesn’t have a lot of servers in Europe, chances are you won’t be able to access the Netflix content available in Europe.

More servers also mean more chances of bypassing Netflix geo-restrictions since you’ll have more available IP addresses to dupe the Netflix checks.


A good download speed ensures better streaming quality. But using a VPN automatically reduces your bandwidth because you first connect to the VPN provider’s servers and then are rerouted to the internet. So, in simple words, you divide your available bandwidth between connecting to the VPN and then connecting to the internet.

Netflix requires a certain bandwidth for proper streaming. For streaming video quality up to 720p you will need a download speed of almost 3MB per second. And for Ultra HD streaming, you’ll need at least 25MB per second (not possible in free VPNs).


Accessing the internet is always a risk with the rising amount of identity theft and malware attack cases. Even the governments aren’t entirely safe. This means it’s best to take all necessary precautions while surfing the internet.

The best VPN providers have zero-logs policy that means they won’t monitor or log your activity while using the internet. Security protocols such as 256-bit AES encryption, DNS and IP leak protection, automatic internet kill switch are all things to consider when looking at a VPN provider.

How Does a Free VPN for Netflix Work?

A VPN is short for virtual private network. It changes your IP address when you connect to the internet and changes your location. This helps keep you safe since you can practically appear to be in different regions on the internet. This also makes you anonymous on the internet by masking your identity.

Netflix has content libraries that are specific to specific regions. This means you won’t have the exact same content available on your Netflix if you’re in different locations. For example, Netflix US version has a lot more shows than Netflix UK version.

So, a free or paid VPN helps change your location, so you can access other Netflix content that’s normally not available in your region.

Having said that, it’s always better to use a premium VPN service since they are more reliable in terms of speeds and connections and have sound safety and security protocols in place. And the connections and internet speeds for free VPNs are pretty slow.


Although free VPNs for Netflix are available but they aren’t very reliable. They might sometimes work with Netflix, but the connection speeds are often fluctuating and the connection breaks too often. The picture quality is also sub-par. They also have vague security protocols which makes them slightly risky to use.

So, in fairness, it’s always best to opt for a premium VPN service instead of a free one.