How Long do Netflix Downloads Last? | [Updated 2022]


From a simple DVD rental service to the king in the streaming industry, Netflix definitely has a story to tell. Nowadays, the service houses thousands of movies and TV shows that you can stream at your leisure — even when you’re travelling!

The best part about gaining access to Netflix is being able to download certain titles, including both movies and TV shows, onto your phone. This means that you can take all the entertainment with you on those long flights, or road trips, without ever worrying if there will be Wi-Fi available when you get to your destination!


How Long Do Netflix Downloads Last?

Short Answer: Although, a downloaded title can remain saved on your device for 7 days; once you start playing it, it will expire within 48 hours after you hit the play button.

Long Answer: The length of time that Netflix downloads can be saved on your device is dependent upon the license and title. Some of the titles on Netflix don’t permit downloading, so it’s better to check before you make any plans for watching your favorite movie while travelling!

If you’re looking to watch something on Netflix, but don’t have enough time left before your downloads expire (they only last seven days), look for an orange dot next the title. You’ll find the time remaining before your download will be deleted. Netflix makes sure you know how many days your download will last, by writing it next to the title with an expiration date highlighted in red.

However, most downloads will usually take 48 hours after you’ve played the download for the first time, after which it’s necessary to redownload the title for offline viewing, if the title is still available of course.

Don’t worry! As long as you’re able to connect to a Wi-Fi network, downloading your favorite title again is just as easy. The downloaded file will have an orange exclamation point next to the title which means it’s been expired. You’ll still be able access these titles though you’ll have to go through the slight hassle of redownloading them on your device.

Read on to know how to download and redownload Netflix shows and movies.


How To Download Shows And Movies on Netflix?

Follow the steps below to download Netflix TV shows and movies on your device. Remember, downloading content is only allowed on your mobile devices (smart phones/tablets).

  1. Open Netflix App on your smart phone or tablet
  2. Look for the title you wish to download
  3. Look for the download sign (arrow pointing downwards)
  4. Tap the icon to start download

Note: You won’t see the download sign if the title isn’t available for downloading.


How To Redownload Shows and Movies on Netflix If It Expires?

When your downloaded content expires after the time limit set, you can easily redownload it by following the steps below. The procedure for redownloading any content is similar to downloading the content the first time, except, instead of the download icon, you’ll see an exclamation mark with “expired” written next to it.

  1. Find the title you want to download
  2. Look for the exclamation mark in orange
  3. Click on the exclamation mark
  4. Click on Renew (from the menu that appears)
  5. Your content will start downloading



After going through the blog, you’ll now know all about how long Netflix downloads will last on your device. And you can also follow the steps to download any of your favorite titles, or redownload them – on your smart phones. Sadly, the download option isn’t available on Netflix’s web-based application.

Stream responsibly!

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