How Many People Can Watch Netflix at Once? | [2022 Guide]


Netflix has profile limits, but don’t worry! This article explains how to get around them with a little creativity and insight. It also covers sharing your account for family fun time as well strategies on working around the maximum number of profiles Netflix allows you (including things like changing devices).


Wondering how many people can watch Netflix at the same time is a natural question. So, I’m going to tell you… as long your account has enough screens available and they are all connected with an internet connection- then it’s unlikely that there will be any issues when watching Season 3 of House of Cards on phones or tablets alongside other episodes in rotation!


How many Netflix Profiles Can You Add to Your Netflix Account?                   

With Netflix, you can have 5 different profiles meaning five different members of your family can use Netflix simultaneously, but with personalized settings. This way everyone will have their own adventure and never feel like they’re watching each other’s shows!

With the new profile system, each account can customize their language setting and maturity levels. They also get a personalized list of suggestions for TV shows or movies based on what they’ve watched recently (and maybe some other factors too!).


How Many People Can Watch Netflix at the Same Time?

Though you can have share your Netflix Account with 5 people on one account, all those users can’t use Netflix at once because there is a screen limit on each Netflix plan.

  • The Basic Plan ($8.99/mo): 1 screen at one time, and it doesn’t have HD resolution available either!
  • Standard Plan ($13.99/mo): 2 screens simultaneously. Only HD and lower video resolutions available.
  • Premium Plan ($17.99/mo): 4 users can watch simultaneously. Ultra HD and 4K video quality available.

The maximum number of users on Netflix is 4, provided in the Premium Plan. It allows 4 different users to access Netflix simultaneously, wherever they may be. So, if you’re looking to share you Netflix account with more than 2 people, you’ll have to switch to a Premium Plan. You’ll have no limits applied to any of the 4 individual profiles, with 4 simultaneous users and HD and Ultra HD streaming quality, not bad, right?


How to Know if Too Many People are Using your Netflix Account?

The number of screens you can watch Netflix on is limited to the plan that has been chosen. So, this means, if you have a two-screen plan, you won’t be able to stream simultaneously on more than two devices. Meaning you can share this account with more than 2 friends, as long as they’re not all using it at the same time.

If your Netflix account is being used by too many people, Netflix shows you the following message:

“Too many people are using your account right now”

This means the maximum number of allowed streaming screens has been reached.

If you think someone might be using it without knowledge of their own – you can also view activity on the site for more information about recent content viewed.

If you’re looking to increase the number of screens on your Netflix account and upgrade it, read how to change your Netflix plan (internal link).


Work Around: How to Use Your Netflix Account Offline?

There are many different ways to work around the 2 screen limit on your Netflix account. For example, if you have a mobile device that’s capable of downloading apps and watching videos offline then it would be possible for streaming content from within those downloaded files instead!

There is an option to use Netflix offline. You can download content from the website and watch it on a mobile device without internet connection, which allows for more than 2 devices to be connected, because one device isn’t actually ‘connected’.

All you need to do is to download the movie or show you want to watch using the link provided. You can then turn your Wi-Fi off and simply use Netflix offline mode to view the saved content from the download library. Now more screens than the allowed number can stream Netflix simultaneously. Simple.


How to Add Profile to Your Netflix Account?

You can easily share your Netflix account with your family members by adding profiles. Follow the steps below to add profile to Netflix.

  1. Open Netflix
  2. Go to top right of the screen
  3. Click on Profile icon
  4. Go to Manage Profiles
  5. Click the Plus icon
  6. Add Profile

You’ll also have to choose if the added profile is a child account or not. Mature content is censored on child accounts so that’s a good idea for parental control. The profile you have added will have different suggestions and ‘continue watching’ streams.

You can also sign out of all devices connected to Netflix as well.

Read More: How to Delete a Netflix Profile?


Summing up all the discussion above, you’ll need to upgrade your plan if you intend to share your Netflix account with more people.

Stream Responsibly!

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