How Much Data Does Netflix Use and How to Use Less?

With the high-quality video streaming that Netflix provides, it is no wonder that it uses up a lot of our data. The number of subscribers Netflix has, it’s no wonder Internet Service Providers need to be on their toes to keep up with the bandwidth required.

Read on to find out how much data does Netflix actually use?


How Much Data Does Netflix Use?

The data requirements for Netflix are directly proportional to the video quality you’re trying to stream. The higher the video quality you try to stream, the more it will soak up your data.

Streaming at Low Resolution 480p – you will spend almost 300MB per hour

Streaming at Medium Resolution 720p – you will spend almost 700MB per hour

Streaming at High Resolution 1080p – you will spend almost 3GB per hour

Streaming at HD Resolution 1440p – you will spend almost 5GB per hour

Streaming at Ultra HD Resolution 4K – you will spend almost 7GB per hour


The connection speeds suggested by Netflix for smooth streaming experience is 25mbps for 4K HDR content.


How to Save Data on Netflix?

Since the data requirements are pretty high, read on for a few ways in which you can contain the data used by Netflix on your devices.

Save Data on your Browser

Follow the steps below to save data if you’re using Netflix on your browser:

  1. Sign in to Netflix on your browser
  2. Go to Account page
  3. Go to Playback Settings
  4. Choose video quality from the 4 available options: Auto, Low, Medium, High
  5. It takes some time to see changes on your account

Save Data on your Mobile

Follow the steps below to save data used by Netflix on your mobile:

  1. Go to Netflix app
  2. Go to More at the bottom
  3. Go to App settings
  4. Go to Video Playback Settings
  5. Choose from Auto, Wi-Fi Only, Save Data and Maximum Data options



Even with all the solutions mentioned in the blog to save data, it must be kept in mind that Netflix will use up a lot of your data so it’s best to use it on Wi-Fi only.

Stream responsibly!

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