How Much is Netflix per Month in 2022?

There are new titles on Netflix every month, and the number of classics and original titles already on the platform. With shows such as Money Heist, Lucifer and the Harry Potter series, Netflix is definitely a streamer’s paradise. But this paradise costs more than just good deeds. So how much is a Netflix subscription in 2022?

As it has grown and included more content, both curated and original, the subscription price for Netflix has increased over the years. They actually began as a DVD selling company. With the high-quality content and the time and effort that’s put into curating and creating the best shows and movies, the increase in subscription price is actually justified.

All the Netflix plans actually start at $8, but now due to various functionality, the basic, standard and premium plans all have different prices.

Oh, and if you’re looking to unlock the gates to the ultimate cinema enthusiast’s paradise, you’ll have to get a VPN in order to bypass the Netflix proxy error and unlock tons of region locked Netflix content libraries!


How Much is Netflix per Month in 2022?

Read on to find out about how much each subscription plan costs.



Basic Plan

Costs around $8.99.

Includes one screen, meaning only one device can access Netflix at any given time. The plan allows you to download content for future use, but only on one device. This good thing is, you get all the content that’s available for streaming in your region. If you want more, you’ll have to change Netflix region.



Standard Plan

Costs $13.99

Includes two Netflix screens simultaneously for viewing. The movies and shows can also be downloaded on two devices at the same time. The content again is unlimited, and more is available if you know how to change your region while using Netflix.

The salient feature of Standard Plan is the HD picture quality option that’s not available in the basic plan.



Premium Plan

Costs $17.99

On the Premium subscription plan you get to stream Netflix on four screens simultaneously. The downloads can also be saved on 4 devices as well. And the amount of content available is again unlimited.

The picture quality on the premium plan is Ultra HD or 4K so you get the best streaming experience ever. The ultra HD streaming quality is not available with the other two plans.



If you’re a movie buff looking to stream the best new shows and movies, it’ll be a great idea to invest in Netflix. You can thank us later!

Stream responsibly!