How to Change Netflix Payment Method? | [Updated 2022]

how_to_change_payment_method_on_netflixYou might not think it’s important, but credit card companies are constantly tracking your habits and preferences. This means that whenever you get a new card or change the billing address for an existing subscription with any company – whether they be Netflix, Amazon Prime Video etc., please make sure to update them in order avoid delays on future transactions!

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services around, but it can be hard to change your payment method if you’re not signed in with an account. Luckily, you’ll find that changing what way payments go just takes a few simple steps on any computer browser!

If you want to update your credit card’s information or use another one for the account, follow these steps below.

How to Change Netflix Payment Method?

 If you’re looking to change your payment method for billing on Netflix, you’ll have to access the website version of Netflix on a computer or mobile device.

Follow the steps below to change your Netflix payment method:

  1. Open Netflix website
  2. Go to Profile (square icon on top right of screen)
  3. Go to Account
  4. Go to Manage Payment Info
  5. Choose Add Payment Method
  6. Choose Your Payment Method (Credit card/debit card/Paypal/Netflix Gift Card)
  7. Select Make Preferred for your New Payment Method


How to Change Credit Card Info on Netflix?

Visit the Netflix’s Payment Info page and click Edit button right beside your payment method. You can then change your credit card details by skipping the add new payment method option. You’ll simply have to put in the new card’s details in place of the old credit card information.


How to Change Automatic Payment on Netflix?

From the Accounts page on Netflix, go to Choose billing day, this will allow you to choose a different day to pay for your subscription.

If you’re looking to view your membership plan and payment history, go to billing details.

Read here if you’re looking to change your Netflix plan.