How to Clear Netflix Watch History? | [Updated 2022]



Have you ever found yourself watching something on Netflix that wasn’t great? Or maybe there’s a trashy favorite show or movie of yours nobody needs to know about. Well, now it’ll be easy for people not only find your viewing history but judge the taste in their own homes. In just four clicks we cleared all unwanted items from my account.

Here’s what to do if you want to clear your Netflix viewing history.


How to Clear Your Netflix Watch History on a Web Browser?

In order to clear your Netflix watch history from a web browser, you’ll have to follow the steps below. The steps remain the same if you’re using any web browser, on your PC or your Mac, or even your iPhone/iPad.

  • Open Netflix on a web browser
  • Go to Profile on top right of the screen
  • Click Account
  • Go to Viewing Activity in My Profile
  • Click the X next to a title you want to remove
  • Scroll Down the page for a Hide All option

These are the general steps for removing Netflix viewing history, especially useful for the web version of Netflix. If you’re looking to read about specific instructions for specific devices, read on.


How to Clear Your Netflix Watch History on iOS?

If you’re trying to clear your Netflix watch history on an iOS device, you’ll have to use the web version on Netflix. The Netflix app on iOS devices has removed the content removing feature. So, you’ll have to access the web version of Netflix on your iPhone or iPad.

  • Sign in to Netflix on Safari browser
  • Go to Menu at bottom right of the screen
  • Choose Request Desktop Site
  • Follow the steps to remove watch history on web browser



How to Clear Your Netflix Watch History on Android?

In order to remove your Netflix watch history on your Android device, follow the steps below.

  • Open Netflix App
  • Go to your Profile
  • Go to Menu (bottom right of the screen)
  • Go to Account
  • Go to Profile and Parental Controls
  • Click arrow next to your profile
  • Click on Viewing Activity
  • Choose to hide any show you want
  • You can also scroll down to the end of the page for a Hide All option


How to Clear Netflix Watch History on a Roku Device?

Follow the steps below to clear your watch history on your Roku.

  • Start the Netflix app on Homepage on your Roku
  • Choose the title you wish to remove
  • Scroll down and choose Remove from My List
  • Repeat for all titles you want to remove



After reading the above steps, we’re sure you’ll be able to clear you Netflix watching history from your profile.

Stream responsibly!

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