How to Lock Your Netflix Profile? | [Updated 2022



Netflix has made it possible for people all over the world to stream breathtaking TV shows and movies, without having any geographical restrictions. The site also offers an easy-to use profile system so your, content can be optimized to your choices so your Netflix profile remains personalized just for yourself!

Netflix has a feature that allows you to keep your account safe from other people trying to view it, especially if you’re sharing your Netflix account with friends or family. The ‘children’ option on Netflix brings up an age-restricted service where kids can watch content without being exposed adult material, so they’re protected too!

You can also lock your Netflix, read on how to lock your Netflix profile using pin protection.


How to Lock Your Netflix Profile Using Pin Protection

Follow the steps below to lock your Netflix profile using a 4-digit pin code.

  • Open Netflix on a web browser
  • Go to Profile icon (top right of the screen)
  • Go to Account
  • Go to Profile & Parental Controls on the profile you wish to lock
  • Change the Profile Lock
  • Enter your Netflix account password.
  • Click the checkbox which says ‘Require a PIN



 Profile lock is a great way to keep your individual Netflix experience from being interrupted by other people on the account. In fact, but keep in mind this isn’t like those uber secure VPN security protocols. You’ll just have a PIN that can be easily changed by anyone, if they know how.

But remember, the Netflix main or owner account has the option to disable any profile’s pin lock for any reason they want. This is more of a parental control tool than anything else but can be an easy trick if your housemate spends hours watching The Circle and Love Is Blind without realizing he or she’s using his/her own personal settings!

Stream responsibly!