How to Sign Out of Netflix from All Devices? | [2022 Guide]



With the kind of popularity Netflix has amongst the streaming community, its only natural that Netflix is compatible with every device you can possibly have. This means you can watch Netflix on any device you own.

Netflix also remembers your details in any device you sign into, and keeps you signed in unless you sign out yourself. This means if you’ve ever shared your password, there is a chance for slight inconveniences.

With the limited number of simultaneous screens allowed on Netflix, you may not be able to access your Netflix because someone else is using it. And if two or more people are sharing, the recommendations can get really messed up because everyone’s got a different taste in movies they like.

In order to avoid this, it’s best to know how to sign out of Netflix on all devices, from your parent account.

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How to Sign out of Netflix from All Devices using Your Browser?

If you’ve ever shared your Netflix password, you’ll know it can easily become a hassle. To avoid this, Netflix has an option available to sign out of all devices you’re signed in.

Follow the steps below to sign out of Netflix on all devices using the Netflix website on a web browser:

  1. Sign-in to your Netflix account
  2. Click the Menu button on the top right
  3. Go to Account option
  4. Go to Settings Tab
  5. Choose Sign out of all devices
  6. Confirm Sign Out on the next page
  7. It usually takes 8 hours to sign out of all devices

Remember, you’ll have to sign back in with your credentials next time you need to use Netflix.


How to Sign Out of Netflix from All Devices Using Your Smartphone?

To sign out your Netflix account from all devices using your smartphone, follow the steps below:

  1. Open your Netflix app
  2. Click on the Menu button on top left
  3. Scroll down on the drop-down menu to find Account
  4. Find Sign out of all devices in the Account menu
  5. Click on Sign out of all devices
  6. Confirm Sign out


How to Sign Out of Netflix on Your Smart TV?

Usually, it’s pretty harder to find the button that allows you to sign out of Netflix, on any smart TV because of their interface.

In order to find out how to log out of Netflix on your smart TV, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Netflix on your Smart TV
  2. Open Netflix app menu by pressing Left key on your Smart TV remote
  3. Scroll down by using Down key
  4. Go to Settings tab (sometimes written as Get Help)
  5. Press Enter key to go to Settings
  6. In the Settings tab navigate to Sign Out
  7. Press Enter key
  8. Confirm if your want to Sign out by pressing Enter again
  9. You will now be signed out of your Netflix account