Husband Factor: Resurrection

Kocan Kadar Konus: Dirilis

Having weathered marriage pressures from family and friends in the first movie of the series, Efsun is now with the man of her dreams, Sinan. But the complications facing her love life don’t get any less. As if her own chaotic family

  • Runtime: 108 min
  • Released: 01 Jan 2016
  • Genre:Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
  • IMDB: 5.7
  • Starring: Ezgi Mola, Murat Yildirim, Nevra Serezli
  • Writer: Kivanç Baruönü, Sebnem Burcuoglu, Utku Gürtunca
  • Director: Kivanç Baruönü
  • Available countries: Turkey

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