Netflix Error Code -14: What It Is And How To Fix It?

Despite being the leader in the online streaming industry, Netflix users complain of errors that can occur while streaming. Frustrating, right? It seems with its growing popularity, the number of errors faced by Netflix users has also increased.

One such Netflix error often encountered by users on Android phone or tablet is the error code -14. If you’re here, chances are you’ve seen the message below and are looking to fix the Netflix Error Code -14:

“Sorry, we could not reach the Netflix service. (-14).”

The Netflix Error -14 is usually indicative of a problem with your network connection. Unlike other notable Netflix errors such as the Netflix proxy error, it’s pretty easy to troubleshoot Error -14 on your own.

Follow along with this step-by-step guide to fix error -14 on your android device.

How to fix Netflix Error Code -14

Pinpoint your issue

In order to actually diagnose the problem, you’ll have to first try Netflix on a computer. This will help eliminate the possibility of Netflix servers not functioning properly. Before you get to diagnosing the issue, you’ll also have to turn off any VPN you’re using otherwise you’ll get the proxy error. Read here to find out how to fix the Netflix Error M7111-5059.

  1. On your computer go to (make sure your computer is connected to the same internet connection as your device)
  2. Select Sign-in
  3. Enter your information
  4. If you see error NSEZ-403 – this means the Netflix servers are down and you’ll just have to try again later
  5. If you don’t see NSEZ-403 – this means there is a connectivity problem with your device.

In case you didn’t see NSEZ-403, you’re in luck. Because the servers aren’t down and you’ll soon be back to streaming. If you have a network connectivity issue between your device and internet connection, you’ll receive and will have to fix Netflix error code NW 2-5.

Just follow the steps below.

solution 1 to fix netflix error code -14

Try a Different Internet Connection

If it’s possible, the first thing you should try is switching to a different internet connection.

You can try either a different Wi-Fi network, mobile hotspot, or a network at some other place. If changing the network connection works, this means there’s a problem with your internet service and you’ll have to contact your service providers.

solution 2 to fix netflix error code -14

Sign-out of Netflix

Signing out and in of Netflix refreshes the app data on your device and sometimes that’s all that is required.

Follow the steps below to do this successfully

  1. Within the Netflix app, click MORE
  2. Scroll down and click Sign Out
  3. Click Sign Out to confirm
  4. Sign-in again

solution 3 to fix netflix error code -14

Clear Netflix app data from your device

If the problem still persists after signing out and in, clearing your app data will surely get rid of the Netflix error code -14 on your device.

Follow the steps below to do this successfully

Note: Clearing app data will remove any content you’ve downloaded from Netflix onto your device.

  1. Go to Settings from your home screen.
  2. Choose General settings
  3. Select Apps
  4. Click Application Manager
  5. Scroll down and click Netflix
  6. Select Storage
  7. Click Clear Data or Clear Storage
  8. Press OK
  9. Try Netflix


After following these steps, you’ll be able to fix Netflix Error code -14 easily. If the problem persists, you may have to contact your device manufacturer.