Netflix Error Code UI3012: What It Is And How To Fix It?

Being a giant in the online streaming industry, it might seem that Netflix is above all other platforms when it comes to smooth streaming. However, that’s not the case. Netflix has it’s own share of errors and issues that can disrupt streaming. It’s surely a bummer when you sit down to stream Netflix, but are served with error messages instead of your favorite movie.

Coming across error codes on Netflix that hinder streaming can be a hassle that one wishes to avoid at any cost! Netflix Error Code UI3012 is one of the most common error codes to show up on your screen.

We have compiled 9 tried and tested solutions for resolving the Netflix error UI3012, keep reading this article to get rid of this unexpected error code in no time.

What is Netflix Error Code UI3012

This code usually implies that there is a problem in connecting to Netflix server; it shows up on your screen along with notifications such as “There was an unexpected error” or something like “Whoops…something went wrong”.

How to Fix Netflix Error Code UI3012 (Updated Jan 2022)

The following 9 solutions have been proven to be helpful to fix Netflix Error Code UI3012:

Make sure you have Functional Wi-Fi

The first thing you should do in order to try and fix the Netflix error is to check if your Wi-Fi is connected to your device. Often times, the error UI3012 occurs because you’re disconnected from the internet.

A simple way to check this is to reconnect your Wi-Fi connection, or to restart your router.

If there are still issues with your connection try contacting your internet service provider in order to resolve it.

Confirm whether your Network Approves Streaming

There are some networks that can’t support Netflix streaming therefore making sure that your provider does so is one of the first steps you should take. Here’s what you can do in this case:

Slow internet speeds may interfere with streaming on Netflix in case you are using a mobile network. Or if your internet connection doesn’t meet the download speed requirements for Netflix, consider changing your network for a high-speed one.

If your internet speed it good, and you’re still experiencing the Netflix error, you should contact your service provider to learn about supported streaming services. Especially if the error occurs while you are using Wi-Fi to access Netflix.

Another thing that may prevent you from streaming is the idea of restricted bandwidth. Sometimes, especially public networks, limit the bandwidth usage for a single device. This limit is designed to conserve bandwidth since a lot of people are usually connecting to a public wi-fi. Such as found in the library or a coffee shop. Make sure your Wi-Fi network does not have limited bandwidth. You’ll have to contact the network administrator for details about this.

Boost Wi-Fi signal strength

Weak Wi-Fi signals may be one of the causes for Netflix error code UI3012. At times, your home network equipment isn’t functioning to it’s best simply because of where they are placed. Boosting your Wi-Fi signal can help a streaming app like Netflix run better.

The three best ways to get stronger signals on your Wi-Fi are:

  • Wireless devices should not be situated adjacent to the router
  • By re-locating the router in a high place like a table or shelf, you are increasing the chances of a stronger Wi-Fi signal
  • Switch the placement of the router to a central part of the area for an even distribution of Wi-Fi signals

At times, the problem is simply that of a network connectivity. If following the steps above didn’t help, you’ll have to read about how to fix the Netflix error code NW 2-5. Since a network issue is usually related to error code NW 2-5.

Switch your Network

Your ISP may have restricted access to some network websites leading to a controlled usage of streaming platforms.  The UI3012 error code on Netflix may be due to this limit by your network provider. It would be best to check if you network supports streaming.

In case the network you’re on doesn’t support streaming. You’ll have to turn to changing your network or shifting to the hotspot feature on your phone, or switching to a cable internet available in your area can help in avoiding this error code.

Reboot your Router

Sometimes, the problem is with the stored data in your router. Or your router might be acting up. A simple way to get this out of the way is to restart your router.

Rebooting your router can help solve this particular Netflix error. And if this doesn’t work, you can always move on to the next solution.

Here’s how to go about it:

  • Shut down your PC
  • Now switch off the router and modem
  • Wait a bit (one minute at least)
  • Switch on your modem and router and wait for a while
  • Switch on your PC on now
  • Launch the Netflix app and check if the error message still appears

Connecting Your Modem Straight to the PC

On rare occasions, a wireless router connected to the modem may not provide a strong connection to your computer therefore causing Netflix errors such as the UI3012 error.

If you’re having a network connectivity issue, removing the router as the middle man and using an ethernet cable to connect your computer directly to the modem. This can help fix this issue and provide a stronger network connection.

Here’s how to attach your PC straight to the modem

  • Turn off your PC
  • Connect your PC straight to the modem via an Ethernet cable
  • Switch off the modem for a minute
  • Now switch on
  • Wait until no unfamiliar indicator light shows
  • Switch on your PC and launch Netflix

One of the reasons for facing Netflix Error Code UI3012 is an obstruction caused by browser extensions. Therefore, disarming the browser extensions on your system can cause the error code to cease.

Mentioned below are the methods for disabling browser extensions on four separate browsers.

How to Disable Browser Extensions on Firefox:

In order to disable browser extension in your Firefox browser, follow the steps below.

  • Start Firefox
  • Click on the 3-line menu
  • Choose “Add-ons”
  • Look for the add-on that is the reason for the hindrance
  • Switch off the add-on

How to Disable Browser Extensions on Chrome:

To disable extensions on your Chrome browser, follow the steps below.

  • Launch Google Chrome
  • Enter “chrome://extensions/” in the URL bar and press ‘Enter’
  • Switch off the extensions
  • If there is an unwanted extension; select “Remove” to eliminate it

How to Disable Browser Extensions on Edge:

Follow the steps below to disable browser extensions on Microsoft Edge browser.

  • Select the “Settings” on Edge
  • A sidebar will open once you choose “Extensions”
  • Switch off the extensions on Edge
  • Sign in to your Netflix account to see if the issue is resolved

How to Disable Browser Extensions on Opera:

The steps below will guide you on how to disable browser extensions in Opera browser.

  • Launch Opera
  • Click on the “O” button on the upper left part of the screen
  • Choose “Extensions” in the menu
  • Click on the “disable” button, switching the extension off

Implement Network Reboot

Issues with connections in your home network can be caused by changing the default network settings. A VPN/Proxy may also not help with solving these issues therefore it is better to carry out a network reset while the VPN/Proxy is turned off. Follow the simple guide below:

  • Shut down the VPN/Proxy
  • Tap the “windows” key
  • Now write “Network Reset” and hit ‘Enter’
  • Choose the “Network Reset” option
  • Select the “Network Reset” window and click on “Network Reset”
  • Confirm the Reset
  • Reboot your system once the Network Reset is complete
  • Turn on the Netflix app now

Hopefully now the error will be fixed and you won’t receive the error message anymore.

Sign out of Netflix on All Gadgets

If you are signed in to Netflix on numerous streaming devices it may be causing the Netflix error code UI3012. Signing out of Netflix on all devices will solve this issue. Once you have signed out of all gadgets, sign in to the streaming device of your choice and Netflix will run smoothly. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Launch Netflix on your browser or streaming accessory
  • Open the dropdown menu on your username in the top right part of the screen
  • Select “Your account”
  • Choose “Sign out of all devices” and affirm by clicking on the “Sign out” option
  • Sign in to Netflix on the streaming device of your choice and enjoy Netflix without errors

Reasons for Netflix Error Code UI3012

There are five main reasons to come across this error code; they are as follows:

A Non-functional Internet Connection can be the most common cause of UI3012 error. This can happen because of some problems with your connection. For this, you’ll have to talk to your internet service provider to confirm if the problem is at your end or at the backend. In case the problem is at the backend, you’ll just have to wait until your connection is fixed.

Another reason for the error can be lag in network functionality or bad Wi-Fi Signal strength in your home network. This can happen if your router is far away from your computer and you’re connecting wirelessly. A simple solution to this would be to change your router placement, ideally bringing it closer to your PC for increasing signal strength in your connection.

Sometimes disruptions can occur due to browser extensions or VPN/proxy servers installed in your internet browser. The extensions can have updates and hence disrupt Netflix service and prevent you from streaming. In this case, disabling your browser extensions will help in getting rid of the Ui3012 error.

Read more: Netflix proxy error: What it is and How to Fix it?

Another very common cause of this error is restrictions on streaming services by your Internet Service Provider. If you’re connected to a public network, chances are, they have blocked streaming websites on their connection. This happens due to the extra bandwidth required for streaming. If you’re connected to a public wi-fi such as a cafe or library, you may want to check with your network administrator if they allow streaming. In case they don’t, you’ll just have to switch to a different network or turn on your mobile data. These restrictions can be imposed by Netflix especially against VPN users. The error M7111-5059 occurs when Netflix detects you’re using a proxy or VPN.

Revised Default Connection settings is another reason for the error code Ui3012. The connection settings may cause a change in your allowed bandwidth usage, which can prevent you from streaming. Checking your connection settings or reverting them to default settings will help in getting rid of the error.


That’s all about how to fix Netflix error code UI3012 all by yourself using the above-mentioned easy steps. Hope this article provided a solution to your error issues and you can stream Netflix for your favorite shows with ease.